Beyond (physical songbook)

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Physical songbook of sheet music for all songs on William Joseph's album, Beyond

William Joseph's piano-based orchestral music falls somewhere between new age, crossover classical, and film music, and BEYOND, Joseph's sophomore effort, contains elements of all three genres. Stirring, sweeping, and passionate, the music on BEYOND opens cinematic vistas, and is sure to appeal to fans of Groban, Jim Brickman, and mainstream film composers such as John Williams. Album highlights include "Standing the Storm," "Heroes," and "Once Upon Love" (which features a guest appearance by Foster).

1. Standing The Storm
2. Beyond
3. Leningrad
4. Heroes
5. Once Upon Love
6. Kashmir
7. Sweet Remembrance of You
8. Apasionada
9. Return With Honor
10. Cinema Pardiso
11. Asturias
12. A Mothers's Heart